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On behalf of many players! WEBZEN!??

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On behalf of many players! WEBZEN!??

Post by Mitnick00z on 04/03/10, 01:11 pm

I come on behalf of my alliance, and many other players, to show our indignation about the prices charged by service gold.

The price charged for 1 week in gold, is far higher than previously charged to players of other online games. At the time of k2, we paid $ 8 per month. Here in webzen to play 2 weeks, are paying $ 20! That's R$ 40.00 in Brazil!!! a lot money to spend on a game! that price is absurd!

I come here representing 400 players from -Reborn- Alliance Helheim. We want to play, but dont want to be stolen!

The price of $ 5 ~ 8 per month is reasonable enough to pay in an online game just for the gold service. Still having that many people here, play with more than one acc. (i play in 4 acc´s)

I know that is not the first topic about it. But I think it is necessary and consistent to show what players are thinking about the progress of the game.

In your post announcement of the service gold, You said, "Event! 5weeks Gold Channel", with a promotional price for the service. If this absurd value is the promotional price, so what we can expect for the future!? $50 for month!?

In euro, $ 10 is ok! To Br, and other countries, the dollar has the value 2x or more.

I hope you remember that MuOnline is a global game, and that people from all the world play this game. And that each country has a different economy, and that you should be based on who's paying more for the service.

We hope that you do something about it.

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